Restoring PostPartum Breath to Facilitate Postural Change: The Tools I use

Restoring PostPartum Breath to Facilitate Postural Change: The Tools I use.

Post #2 of the Lotus Life.

Here we are...  Straight from the chaos of a mother’s closet. I am literally hiding in my closet writing this. I sit here amongst the boxes, bins, and bags of clothes (and shoes) that used to fit, or may one day fit again or maternity stuff I am done with and nursing gear that is temporary.  This to me just highlights the level of transition in this glorious postpartum journey.

I’ve spent a lot of time checking in with my body as a tool of my mindfulness practice.

Yoga teachers - FAQ about the course

Who are we: 3 experienced physical therapists who are blending their clinical experience with their yoga knowledge to improve the understanding of optimal and suboptimal movement in yoga practice. 

Who it is for: Yoga teachers who are looking for a greater understanding of biomechanics. This knowledge can then be applied to their own practice and their teachings.

Why should you do it: Having completed a 200-hr basic YTT you may feel hungry for more anatomy and movement knowledge. This course gives you that. It is what you have been waiting for..

What is it: An advanced 100-hour YTT. Pre-requisite: YTT 200hr certificate.

What it consists of: 4 modules, an asana-based assessment tool, learning how to SEE the body move, improvement and growth of knowledge foundations, learning how to IMPROVE suboptimal movement patterns and progress practice and teaching safely.

When will you use it:  All the time.... during your own practice you may feel enlightened as to why your hip is always tight in one spot. During your teaching you can assist improvement in all sub-optimal movement in your clients whether in classes or private 1:1 sessions. 

Where: Next immersion (2x5 days) Feb 26th - Mar 8th 2016, Full course (4 weekends) Fall 2016, Kula Yoga Project, New York.