Podcast: Breath, Core and the Trunk

Hi, Diana here,


I'm so happy to share this podcast I recorded with Kathryn Bruni Young about one of my favorite topics!

The core intrigues me so much. I have studied with so many different teachers to learn their perspectives, read SO many research papers and have tried to put the material together for you in this interview in a cohesive way.

Here are a few take homes to note:
-The core, breath and pelvic floor are linked and SHOULD work in an unconscious, reflexive way with life
-The work of the core should scale up and down to meet the demands at hand
-Intra-abdominal pressure can create strength and stability but also havoc
-We need to think about how we cue the core as yoga teachers and movement educators
-Everyone's core may act differently to different cues and this depends on their body, mind, and breath

I hope you enjoy it, its a lot of info, and I prepared the most I've ever prepared for a podcast, and I still feel like there is more to learn and discuss about this topic. Let me know what you think!

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