Upper body nerve glides

Nerve glides are a brilliant and easy to do solution to get some gentle movement, release some tension, hydrate some tissues and revitalize.  These are mainly our adaptations to Dr. David Butler's neurodynamic techniques.


Nerve glides, (these neck and arm ones especially) are great for after sitting for long periods, carrying kids, traveling, after being sick or immobile or after a tough workout. I especially like working in the neck mobility to get a deeper stretch and mobilize through the sticky spots between the neck and shoulder.

Median nerve glide:

The median nerve tracks from the neck generally through the bicep side of the upper arm and along the inner part of the elbow/forearm (if your palm, forearm is facing up) and then into the thumb and first two fingers. To floss and mobilize this nerve, palm faces up with arm outstretched and slowly elevate the arm while creating an outward traction reaching the fingers away from the body.  To increase tension, gently tilt your head toward the opposite shoulder.

Radial Nerve Glides:

The radial nerve tracks from the neck generally through the tricep side of the upper arm and along the thumb side of the forearm when the palm is down, and then into the thumb.  To floss and mobilize this nerve stand with your arm by your side, internally rotate your arm and then flex the palm upwards. Slowly lift your arm out to the side creating outward tension.  To increase tension, gently lift your head toward opposite shoulder.

Ulnar Nerve Glide:

The ulnar nerve tracks from the neck toward inner elbow side of the upper and lower arm with the palm facing up into the pinky and ring finger. To floss and mobilize this nerve stand, palm facing up, and try different variations of bending the elbow, in front of you, side of you, make glasses with your fingers to stretch the most distal end of the nerve, even raise the roof.

For all nerve glides, stop if you feel burning, itching, tingling.  Listen to your body. Go slow and gently.