Why you need a RETREAT to REFILL (based upon why I know I need one)

Why you need a RETREAT to REFILL (based upon why I know I need one) 

It doesn't stop, and it feels like too much.  You're spinning in a world of teaching classes and privates, commuting, eating on the run and balancing your home life.  How are you supposed to dig into your energy reserves on a daily basis to share that energy with your students without the occasional self care refill? I can tell you that in my personal experience, I burnout.  For me, burnout looks like feeling uninspired in my teaching, resentful of my schedule and unable to be truly present like I want to with my family.  Being completely honest.  So in order for me to do my job to the best of my ability, I really need to take care of me first, then those around me including my students. This is why Francesca and I decided to put our first ever retreat experience together. 

Here are 4 Reasons Why YOU Need to RETREAT to REFILL:


Taking a walk in nature can calm the nervous system. Studies show that immersing yourself in nature allows the brain to reset, stress hormones levels to decrease, and awareness of oneself to increase. One of the postulated mechanisms being discussed is that this allows the prefrontal cortex, the brain's command center, to dial down and rest, like an overused muscle. Dialing down to settle in will be the goal of the mellow movement component of this retreat.  You may even increase your creativity while on retreat, as further science shows that nature provides happiness, which leads to creative thought, and is also the medicine for the persistent grind and connection to technology. If you need to read more, this article, in National Geographic, is full of research that further convinced me. 


We all know that our brain clears out the clutter while we sleep and that we learn and synthesize information best after a good night's sleep, but why? A new study out of Switzerland demonstrates that "poor sleep keeps the the brain's synapses excited and blocks the brains ability to learn".  Picture yourself waking up from a restful night of sleep far away from all your typical distractions, ready to learn new material and incorporate into your body at once. 


Connection with others according to the Dahli Llama and Desmod Tutu in  the truly inspiring, "The Book of Joy:  Lasting  Happiness in a Changing World"  is the number one fuel for creating and maintaining joy within our lives.  Being able to connect with oneself, in order to understand and relate to others reminds us that we are all connected in our journey together and brings satisfaction and happiness. Come grow this with us. 

This is why Francesca and I designed the structure of the retreat the way we did. You get a dose of didactic, scientific physiyoga knowledge in the form of a 2 hour workshop with me,  and then you get to immediately apply it into your practice.  For me, that's the best way to learn, and for my students, that's where they come up with their best ideas and questions.  We will  navigate the nervous system, investigate how foot and ankle kinematics affect the rest of the body from the ground up, and dive deep into how the core functions as a canister. 

Hope to see you there. Info below. 
With love.