What is Physiyoga?

The field of using yoga therapeutically is rapidly expanding as students and others desire injury rehabilitation through less conventional methods. Yoga teachers are often the first person a student turns to when they have pain.  The therapeutic application of yoga and its teachings are inherently deeply applicable to treating an injury.

Physiyoga is the merging of physical therapy principles with yoga. It is the practical application of applied anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and kinesiology into a yoga practice.  As physical therapists and yoga teachers we have found that patients and clients get relief from pain and return to what they love faster through this integrative practice.  Combining breath, mindfulness and asana with western therapeutic methods creates an approach that is holistic and thorough. 

Why Physiyoga?

For Yoga Teachers:

The Threes Physiyoga courses fill the gaps between your training and a safer, smarter teaching.

For Physical Therapists:

The courses connect your therapeutic knowledge with yoga movement to enhance rehabilitation.

The courses are grounded in functional anatomy, physiology, static and dynamic assessment and application of the Threes Physiyoga method to optimise human movement.