The Threes Physiyoga courses raise the caliber of the yoga profession.
— Rebecca Ketchum E-RYT 500


Next Threes 100-hour Advanced Teacher Training


October 14-16th, November 4-6th, 18-20th 2017

Physiyoga Flow Class: for practitioners and teachers 


The Physiyoga flow class is a unique and refreshingly different style of yoga class that was born from the merging of Physiotherapy with Yoga.  Our approach is to teach yoga from the inside - out to get you embodied, centered and moving in a well-aligned and functional way.  

The Threes Physiyoga Method was created by 3 Physical Therapists (PT's) who are also yoga teachers to give yoga practitioners of all levels and types a way to connect with their bodies and minds and learn awareness and alignment techniques based upon those that PT’s use to treat patients and yoga teachers use to go inside.   Improved connection with your body and awareness and alignment on and off the mat comes from knowing how to tap into and make changes in the brain using breath, mindfulness, interoception and movement.  Unlike most yoga classes that teach moving from pose to pose to create an external shape, Threes flow class trains your mind to be connected with your body to create awareness and embodiment that improves performance and can reduce risk of injury.

“Beyond giving me an understanding of the fundamental mechanics of the body in motion, Threes Physiyoga also gave me unique insight into how suboptimal patterns lead us into cycles of pain and injury.
— P Junek, RYT-200
Now that yoga is globally mainstream, its future is held by the teachers that integrate mindfulness & more refined body awareness into their classes.
— A Brandt E-RYT

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Want to understand why our hips hike or twist during yoga poses? Why that is not a great thing. This is a quick excerpt from our Girdle weekend from our 100-hour advanced yoga teacher training. 

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