What is Physiyoga?

The field of using yoga therapeutically is rapidly expanding as students and others desire injury rehabilitation through less conventional methods. 

Physiyoga is the merging of physical therapy principles with yoga. It is the practical application of applied anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and kinesiology into a yoga practice. Combining breath, mindfulness and asana with western therapeutic methods creates an approach that is holistic and thorough.

Upcoming events


PhysiYoga Summit: 

An Event for TPM/PYG Graduates

We are happy and excited to announce our first alumni gathering on Saturday 6th October in New York. The event will include:

  • An evidence based practical update from TPM directors
  • An introduction to the NEW business of PhysiYoga advanced module 
  • A movement practice merging the Threes PhysiYoga Method and Asana for group settings

For more details about the event or to view all our events, please click below.


The Threes Physiyoga courses raise the caliber of the yoga profession.
— Rebecca Ketchum E-RYT 500
Now that yoga is globally mainstream, its future is held by the teachers that integrate mindfulness & more refined body awareness into their classes.
— A Brandt E-RYT
“Beyond giving me an understanding of the fundamental mechanics of the body in motion, Threes Physiyoga also gave me unique insight into how suboptimal patterns lead us into cycles of pain and injury.
— P Junek, RYT-200

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